The Historic Cattaraugus Corporation was formed ten years ago, October 2002, and is a non-profit corporation that has been extremely successful in our first 10 years.   We have a strong presence in our community and we would love to grow that presence to surrounding communities, counties, states, and beyond.

We have huge support from local community, local government, county legislatures, assembly members, and State Senators.  We have received financial support from grants along with monetary donations. We have also accepted donations of real estate, local historic buildings.   We have put our donations to great use!

We have assisted Bank of Cattaraugus in helping our local community in many different ways.  We have helped many local businesses with reduced rent rates, we own and rent out eight low income apartments (all newly remodeled), and maintain and preserve our local historic buildings.  We have lead many preservation projects on buildings that we own and on some we don’t own.  In our projects we hire local and buy local and buy products made in the USA.

We feel strongly about our motto, “If we have it we must care for it.”  History needs to be preserved.  We need to carry out the ideals and beliefs of those gone before us to care for and maintain what we have so the future will be a better place for future generations.

Our current project is our biggest and most important one yet!  Our Village comes to a T, we do not have a crossroads, and at the top of the T is our historic hotel.  Historic Cattaraugus owns the building and has been fundraising for this restoration project.   We know that upon its completion the visual improvement of it alone will transform our whole village.  We are thrilled to be so successful fixing up historic properties and continually maintain them keeping them as quality buildings.  We have it and must care for it!  Please help us if you can by making a donation to keep our village beautiful.